If at any point you encounter difficulties following these steps, or just want to know when the next in-person meeting is, simply send an e-mail to xr.pliny@protonmail.com for help. We are available to meet you in person to help you get set up. We can also tell you where to join us for our next meeting, and help you follow these steps there.

  1. You are encouraged to sign up for an e-mail address at ProtonMail (if you don't already have one) by navigating here (if using a computer) or installing the iOS app or Android app. We recommend the use of ProtonMail, as it is an encrypted e-mail provider that offers much more privacy and security than traditional e-mail providers. If you prefer, you may use an alias. Note that you are not required to register for a ProtonMail email address to proceed to step 2.
  2. Install Keybase on your phone (iOS, Android) or PC (Mac, Windows, Linux). (Installation instructions available for your platform on the same page as the download links.) Keybase is a multi-platform (phone, PC) application that enables secure group discussions and file sharing. It is very similar to Slack, which you may have used before, except more secure. When you open the app, you will be prompted to create an account. If you created a ProtonMail address in step 1, use it when creating your account. If you didn't create a ProtonMail address, you can use whichever e-mail address you prefer.
  3. In the Keybase app, click on "People" in the side navigation bar, and then search for 'xrpliny'. Send a brief message about how you would like to be involved, and we get you added to the appropriate group discussions.