Do you recognize that Climate Change is a real threat to our continual existence on this planet?

Do you believe that the Government is not openly acknowledging the issues at hand?

Do you have hope that there is still time to change the system for future generations?

Do you seek a way to get more involved and take action?

If you answered yes to these questions, Extinction Rebellion welcomes you!

black and white extinction rebellion logo with the word extinction on top of the word rebellion

Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience actions against the world’s governments for criminal inaction on the ecological crisis we currently face. Each Extinction Rebellion group is autonomous, and the movement is decentralized. This site focuses on the Extinction Rebellion Twin Cities group located around the Minneapolis & Saint Paul area in Minnesota.

Principles & Values

1. We have a shared vision of change.

Creating a world that is fit for generations to come.

2. We set our mission on what is necessary.

Mobilizing 3.5% of the population to achieve system change—using ideas such as “momentum-driven organizing” to achieve this.

3. We need a regenerative culture.

Creating a culture which is healthy, resilient, and adaptable.

4. We openly challenge ourselves and this toxic system.

Leaving our comfort zones to take action for change.

5. We value reflecting and learning.

Following a cycle of action, reflection, learning, and planning for more action. Learning from other movements and contexts as well as our own experiences.

6. We welcome everyone and every part of everyone.

Working actively to create safer and more accessible spaces.

7. We actively mitigate for power.

Breaking down hierarchies of power for more equitable participation.

8. We avoid blaming and shaming.

We live in a toxic system, but no one individual is to blame.

9. We are a nonviolent network.

Using nonviolent strategy and tactics as the most effective way to bring about change.

10. We are based on autonomy and decentralization.

We collectively create the structures we need to challenge power. Anyone who follows these core principles and values can take action in the name of Extinction Rebellion.

Our Demands

  1. That the Government must tell the truth about the climate and wider ecological emergency. It must reverse all policies not in alignment with that position and must work alongside the media to communicate the urgency for change including what individuals, communities, and businesses need to do.

  2. The Government must enact legally-binding policies to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025 and take further action to remove the excess of atmospheric greenhouse gases. It must cooperate internationally so that the global economy runs on no more than half a planet’s worth of resources per year.

  3. We do not trust our Government to make the bold, swift, and long-term changes necessary to achieve these changes, and we do not intend to hand further power to our politicians. Instead, we demand a Citizens’ Assembly to oversee the changes, as we rise from the wreckage, creating a democracy fit for purpose.

  4. We demand a just transition that prioritizes the most vulnerable people and indigenous sovereignty; establishes reparations and remediation led by and for Black people, Indigenous people, people of color, and poor communities for years of environmental injustice, establishes legal rights for ecosystems to thrive and regenerate in perpetuity, and repairs the effects of ongoing ecocide to prevent extinction of human and all species, in order to maintain a livable, just planet for all.

*These demands only represent Extinction Rebellion US and are still in the process of development.

If this resonates with you, and you would like to get involved, further information (including events) can be found through the below links.

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Extinction Rebellion Facebook

Extinction Rebellion International Website

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Extinction Rebellion US Facebook

Please feel free to share with anyone that may be interested, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. The Extinction Rebellion group began in the UK in 2018 and is powered by a grassroots movement through people like you!